Writers are amongst our greatest innovators.

Extraordinary books ignite other creative industries, including film and television, art, video games and music.

With so much opportunity globally to innovate and develop creatively, it is now more important than ever to offer economic certainty to our writers.

As an ‘innovation nation’ the book publishing industry needs to offer incentives to our established and emerging thinkers, writers, creators and educators.

We want all Australians, especially the very youngest, to have their imaginations stimulated through recognition and kinship with their own unique perspective, their own stories, and their own voices.

Securing the future of Australian educational books is vital to the development of our literacy, identity and culture - and the ideas that fire our economic growth and prosperity.

“Books provide us with the opportunity to empathise powerfully with people in very different situations to ourselves and with points of view completely different to our own. They help us to see the world anew and to provide us with an arena for mental risk taking and lateral problem solving.

As a reader’s literacy improves, so too does their knowledge and comprehension and—consequently—their potential to make better informed decisions and to take more creative actions.”

- Andy Griffiths


US-style fair use enables large enterprises, including ISPs and educational institutions to use book content for free, without rewarding creators


  • The incentive to encourage future writers, creators and idea-generators
  • Future of high-quality, local education resources vital to Australia’s curricula that support 5M students in over 9,500 schools and higher education institutions

How can we deliver a world-class educational system, without world-class educational content?

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